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Joseph Kraft

    Hammarskjöld was attacked for his notions of sainthood—yet without him the UN goes on its way deficientini creative vitality.
During a brief period, under Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld, it was transformed from a debating society and occasional forum for diplomatic contacts into an active instrument of collective security.
To be sure, Markings has been generally written.up (and, for most people, off) as a mystical dialogue of the soul. To Henry Van Dusen it is the "noblest self-disclosure of spiritual struggle and triumph published in this century."
As the fliers began to be released, a well-known Indian delegate tried to claim credit for the action. And Hammarskjold wrote to himself in Markings:

"You thought you were indifferent
to praise for achievements which you
would not yourself have counted to
your credit."

Quelle: The New York Times Magazin, 1961


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